Privacy Policy

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We understand that privacy is very necessary for users of our online site, especially when doing business.This report manages our privacy policy about users who visit our website.The sites and visitors have registered to use various services provided by the site and the developer of RDT.

"Personally identifiable information"

Name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, financial profile, social security, but can be used to identify, contact or identify or use a person involved with such information. Credit card number and information Personally identifiable information does not include information collected anonymously (that is, without identifying individual users)Or the population information is not related to an identifier.

What is the individual identity information collected?

Authorized visitors, name and address, telephone number and email address, amount of nature and commerce, the list of announcements, the amount that the authorized customer can buy or sell.

Are these companies collecting information?

There are. We do not control what type of information these third parties use, but we suggest how they use the personal information provided to authorized viewers and customers. Some of these are foreign arbitrators who act as links in the supply chain and can not be stored, maintained or used for the information that is provided to them.

How is personally identifiable information used on the site?

We use personally identifiable information to personalize the site, buy and sell the benefits of appropriate services and site requests. You can send visitors by email to visitors and affiliate customers about the purchase of sites or sites. We may use personally identifiable information to contact the visitor and the authorized customer to respond or request information in a specific consultation.

Who can share?

Personally identifiable information about an authorized customer can be shared with other authorized customers who wish to evaluate possible transactions with other authorized customers. We may share general information about our visitors, such as the statistics of our visitors and authorized customers, our affiliated companies and external providers. We will provide links to "options" of the information or any of our agencies that act on our behalf or on our behalf.

How is personal identity information stored?

The personally identifiable information collected by the RDT developer is stored securely and the RDT developer is not above the third or global staff mentioned above.

Are cookies used on the site?

Cookies are used for several reasons. We use cookies to select the options of our audience and the services they choose. We use cookies for security reasons to protect our authorized customers. For example, if the authorized client logs in and the site is not used for more than 10 minutes, we will automatically deactivate the authenticated clients.

How does Wish Love use the global login information?

Wish Love Transept analyzes, manages the site, monitors the movement of users and collects extensive information from the population, including IP addresses, ISPs and browser types.