How To Disable Windows 10 Update Permanently Step By Step (With Pictures)


Hey Guy's Welcome Back To Our Fresh Blog Post, In This Post We Are Explain To You "How We Disable Windows 10 Update Permanently And Also Disable Windows 10 Update Assistant Permanently".
                      Because Guy's You All Know That Windows Update Are Consume Lots Of Internet Data Or Time. And If You Are Indian So You Know That Data Are Very Important, And Many Indians Recharge Plan Just 1.5GB Data In A Day (Even My Recharge Plan Also 1.5GB Data In A Day), And We All Know Windows Update Size Upto 10 GB. Its Not Good. So In This Post We Are Explain To "How You Disable Windows 10 Update Permanently" So Follow Our Instruction.

Follow Our Instruction:-

Step - 1

Go To Windows Search Option And Search Services And Press Enter.

Now You Will See That This Type Of Window Will We Appear On Your Screen.

Step - 2

Now Find Windows Update.

Step - 3

Double Click Windows Update Option And You Will A POPUP On Your Screen, Now Go To Service Status If They Are Running Click Stop Option.

Step - 4

Now Go To Startup Type Select Disable Option.

Step - 5

Now In The Top You Will See Recovery Option Just Click That. Now You Will See First Failure  Click Take No Action Same As You Change Second Failure And Also Change Subsequent Failure. Now You Will See One More Option Reset Fail Count After: Replace 1 From 0 And Click OK Button.

Step - 6

Now Close All Option And Again Go To Search Option And This Time You Will Search regedit And Press Enter.

Now You Will See This Type Of POPUP Windows Will Appear On Your Screen.

Step - 7

Now Double Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE And Again Double Click SOFTWARE Option. Then Double Click Policies Option And Then Double Click Microsoft Option. And Now You Will See Windows Option.

Step - 8

Now Right Click In Windows Option And Go To New And Click KEY Option.

Step - 9

Now Enter The File Name :- WindowsUpdate And Press Enter.

Step - 10

Now Again Right Click In WindowsUpdate Option (That You Recently Create) Then Click NEW And Click KEY Option.

Step - 11

Now Enter The File Name :- AU And Press Enter.

Step - 12

Now In The Right Side Of AU You Will See A Blank Screen Only (Default) File Name Are Show.  Now Right Click In Blank Screen Click NEW And Then Click  DWORD (32-Bit) Value Option.

Step - 13

Now Enter The File Name :- AUOptions And Press Enter.

Step - 14

Now Double Click AUOptions And Give Value Data : 2 And Press OK Button.

Step - 15

Now Close All Thing, Again Go To Start Menu And Search gpedit.msc And Press Enter.

Step - 16

Now Go To Administrative Templates And Double Click Windows Components Options.

Step - 17

Now Scroll Down And Find Windows Update Option.

Step - 18

Now Double Click Configure Automatic Updates Option.

Step - 19

Now You Will See A POPUP On Your Screen Just Click Disable Option And Click OK Button.

Now You Will See Configure Automatic Update Option Is Disable.

Step - 20

Now Again Close All Thing And Go To Search Option And Search Task Scheduler And Press Enter Button. And Then Double Click Microsoft Option And Again Double Click Windows Options

Step - 21

Now Find Windows Update Option And Double Tab It.

Step - 22

Now You Have To See 4 Option That Are Appear On Your Screen Dam Disable All Status.

Step - 23

Now Again Find UpdateOrchestrator Option And Double Tab It.

Step - 24

Now Disable These 3 UpdateAssistent, Go To UpdateAssistent and Press Right Click And Click Disable Option.

Step - 25

Now Close All Thing, And Go To Control Panel Click Programs And Features And Click Uninstall Windows 10 Update Assistent.

Step - 26

This Is Last Step Go To This PC And Go To Local Disk C And Delete Windows 10 Upgrade Folder.

In This Method You Will Successfully Disable Windows 10 or Windows 10 Assistent Update Permanently.

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